Sunday, February 1, 2009


Sunday, February 1, 2009

If you have a product or service that you would like reviewed or to sponsor a giveaway, please contact us. We will look over all review requests and get back to you within 48 hrs. You can contact me by email, via the Contact us button on my sidebar, or, by leaving a comment on this post. Thanks, for the interest, I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future!


I do require a product sample, which is not to be returned, so that I can experience the product for myself and write an detailed honest review. I also include  direct links to the company’s main website and product’s site if applicable.


Giveaways are not required with a review, but I have found that it generates more interest for the product. I do not charge for giveaways when combined with a review, however I charge a small fee of $20 when done without.

All giveaways run a minimum of 7 days, else specified by sponsor.
I ask that the sponsors ship directly to the winner at the conclusion of the giveaway.

How I promote:

All giveaways are submitted to,,, , and several other blogs. I promote all reviews and/or giveaways on twitter.

Please note: Due To New Facebook Laws, we are no longer allowed to add
"fanning" as an entry for any giveaway. However we may link to your facebook page, but can not allow it to be a means of entering.

See New Facebook Law Here:

Advertising space.

Advertising space is available but limited. For information on rates and placement contact me by email.

Disclosure Policy/Privacy Policy 

Giveaway Rules 

*Please note* If We receive a product for review, it will be used to give a honest review and non-returnable. There is no charge for product reviews, We enjoy trying different products and that is payment enough.

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