Friday, February 13, 2009

(24) "Cheap Date" Ideas

Friday, February 13, 2009
I'm here to tell you being a cheap date is not necessarily a bad thing as others may suggest. With the economy struggling the way it is right now,there is no shame in being frugal. Think about it.. going out to a dinner and a movie will run you around $100.00. I have came up with 24 cheap date ideas( many are free or next to free) that can save you a couple bucks.

But before we are going to get into that. I want to show you how we save for our "date nights" it's a pretty basic concept but who knows maybe you will find it useful. We got tired of not being able to afford a night out. So we started a entertainment bank to save all our loose change. The money that goes into it only comes out when we want a night out.

What I do is take a old coffee can and cut a slit in the lid but you can use a milk jug,mason jar, water jug etc. I like the coffee can because it has a lid that I can write on and I'll write a message on it telling me what is is that I am saving for (EX..Going to see this movie or dinner at such and such or Date night 1-16-09). Labeling the bank gives us something to look forward to and we are more apt to remember to donate to it + it keeps us from borrowing from the jar by reminding us what it is for. Just remember to keep it in a place where you will see it. Ours is by the front door, that way when we come in we can just dump our change into it and are less likely to forget.

Now that we covered saving for a date let's talk about affordable babysitting. One way to get affordable babysitting is by starting a babysitting co-op. We are fortunate and have a family that we are very close to that we swap baby sitting duties with. Taking turns will save both families a lot of money. Just make sure that you plan in advance to save either family from any inconvenience.

If you have read this far I apologize for turning this simple topic into a novel. I'm just trying to cover all the bases. Now has I promised earlier here is the list categorized to make it a little easier ..


1. Movie nights: rent a couple movies,Grab some of your honey's favorite movie theater goodies(Sour patch kids, Raisinets,Milk duds etc.) Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show. If you have a Redbox in your area you can rent a movie for a dollar or check online to get free Redbox codes.
2. Play a board game from the past. Maybe one of your favorite games growing up. This is something that you could include your kids in as well.
3. Have a indoor picnic: Spread out a blanket and turn off the phone and T.V etc. and just enjoy some time together without all the modern distractions.


1. Playground date: Pack a picnic lunch and head to your local park and enjoy a picnic lunch on the jungle gym or under the slide. While your there don't forget to take advantage of all the equipment. Taking a few trips down a slide can still be fun no matter how old you are.
2. Take a trip to the zoo.This one can get a little expensive else you bring your own snacks and drinks.
3. Check around and call your local museums a lot of times they will have special discount day's. If you have a Hands on type museum in your area they can be real fun.
4. Take a bike ride together stopping to get a icecream cone.
5. In the winter go sledding or tobogganing then afterwords you can warm up together and enjoy some hot chocolate and a cozy blanket.


1. Perform a sexy striptease for your partner.
2. Take a candlelight bath together or a nice steamy shower
3. Read a steaming hot novel to each other.
4. Use your imagination for other ideas. This is a family oriented site after all:)


1. Volunteer together at a food bank, soup kitchen, animal shelter etc.
2. Visit a winery that has wine tasting.
3. In the fall make a visit to a apple orchard, take a hayride,pick some apples.When you get home you can make a pie together.
4. Check to see if there is any drive-ins in your area. The admission is cheaper and you can bring in your own snacks and beverages to save even more money. To check if there is a drive-in in your area click here.

That concludes the first installment in my Frugal Friday series. Please feel free to add your own opinions and ideas below.

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