Friday, February 20, 2009

7 grocery tips to help you save time or money

Friday, February 20, 2009
1. Create a checklist of what you have available to you.
Do this by making a list of items you have on hand and use regularly.
When you use a item check it off. This will cut time when making your shopping list and save you from having to run back to the store. If you see something from your checklist on sale don't wait to get it until you do your grocery shopping stock up then.
2.Plan out a weekly menu including snacks and beverages.Then compare to your checklist and plan accordingly.
3.Now it's time to sit down and prepare your list and create your budget.(when you go shopping if you stick to your list you shouldn't exceed your budget.The only exception should be if you find one of your staple items at a really good bargain because stocking up now will save you money later.
4.Go online and check out your local ads and compare prices of the items on your list.Plan your shopping ahead of time. Write down next to each item which store has it cheaper and buy the item from that store.(also consider mileage it may not be smart to drive to another store if your only going to save some change)
5.NEVER go shopping on a empty stomach. When your hungry you tend to stray from your list and buy impulse items that look good at the time.
6.Buy store brands they are often as good as the name brand without the name brand pricing.
7. Check to see if your store has a store savings card. Make sure you sign up. This will save you lots of money in the long run. Since a lot of stores have special savings for club members only.

This concludes this weeks installment of Frugal Friday. As always if you have anything to add you are welcomed to leave a comment below!

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