Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Customer service: Little Twig

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Last month, I won a Little Twig Bath Time Basics gift set from a blog giveaway.The blog owner had contacted me with a win notification which I responded to right away with my shipping information. I later received a email from her that the email I sent was blank. She asked me to resend it, which I did. I didn't think much more of it.

After not receiving it , I contacted the sponsor to find out if it had been shipped. There seemed to be a mix up and my name was never submitted to the company as the winner.

Now before any of you jump to conclusions, I am not blaming the blog owner. I assume there was a problem with one of our email providers. (Since the first email I sent was blank maybe the second one never reached her).

I sent the company a copy of the email that I had originally sent to the blog owner. They were very pleasant and I received my bath set yesterday, along with a very nice note from Kaliko in their customer service department. I believe this is a example of a company that goes above and beyond. In all reality, they didn't have to fulfill my win. After all they never even knew I won.

I will update this post after my family has a chance to try out the products with a full review.

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TexasBanter said...

That's awesome! Some sponsors are great at honoring things like that- even if it wasn't an official win!

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