Monday, February 2, 2009

Country Bob's review

Monday, February 2, 2009
A couple weeks back I was contacted by Al Malekovic from Country Bobs. He offered me a chance to review their all purpose sauce. After hearing many great reviews from fellow bloggers
I decided it was worth a shot. Honestly I was a bit skeptical that it was as good as everyone
was saying. But let me admit now that I was WRONG!

It just so happened that I was thawing out some steaks for dinner when my package from Country Bob's arrived. I figured what better time to try it and sprinkled a little bit of sauce on both sides of the meat. Then cooked it as I normally would. The results were fantastic ! (definitely a blessing in my house of picky eaters)

It's not like other sauces that I have tried. It is thicker than A-1 but thinner than a bbq sauce.
It has this sweet flavor with just enough spice to kick it up a bit. I can not pinpoint exactly what it is but there is something special about that sets it apart from the rest.

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Anonymous said...

I have honestly never heard of this Piggy Paint before. I also hate the smell of nail polish. It is so strong and it can make you dizzy. I would love to try this stuff and may have to check it out. Thanks for helping me learn something new today and sharing with us.

heidibokor @ yahoo . com

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