Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sunday, November 29, 2009
One of the downfalls of renting is the inability to customize our space, leaving us with plain boring white walls that does not represent our taste.  Flair4all has made it easy for you to incorporate a little but of you into any room with flair, with their remarkable,removable, reusable wall decals.

                 About Flair4all: taken from

Flair4all™ is a design and product development company located in Madison, WI, that’s all about home d├ęcor. We believe that everyone needs a little style, or flair, in the space they call their own. We’re about helping you realize the untapped potential of using your walls, dorms, lockers and bookshelves–almost any surface–as a place for risk-free self-expression and creativity.

WHAT: Flair4all is a brand of reusable wall decals that stick and restick to almost any surface without leaving a mark. More than 100 SKUs available in more than 70 design styles, seven core color palettes and 28 secondary palettes, flair4all wall decals provide endless opportunities to make a personalized style statement.

HOW TO USE IT: Flair4all is made with SmartRelease® adhesive. This proprietary formula allows flair4all to easily stick on and come off of almost any surface, from textured walls to painted cinder block to mirrors and laptop covers. To apply flair4all, simply peel off the paper‐backing sheet and place on the wall, door, mirror, locker or other surface. When it’s time for a change, simply peel the flair4all decal off the surface and place it somewhere else…or back on the backing sheet for later use.

                         My Review:

I received the Rocker Memos wall decals in Fiery to review, for my 10 yr old son's room. This flair pack includes photo wall stickers, full size dry erase whiteboard, and cool wall sayings such as: Rock, Dream, Metal and My Angel. They were really easy to apply and look great, but the best part of all is that this entire package is dry erase!

He has had so much fun with these decals from arranging them on his walls to choosing his favorite photos for the frames. We would recommend Flair4all to anyone that is looking to add a touch of attitude to their walls.

             HOW TO BUY IT: 
Flair4all is sold exclusively online at or by phone at
1‐877‐FLAIR4ALL (1-877-352-4742) 

A pack of three 12 x 17‐inch sheets (called a flair‐pack) retails at $20 plus shipping and handling. Flair‐packs include decals in a variety of sizes and designs. The exact contents of each package are visible on the Web site.

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Niecey said...

What a wonderful idea. My daughter would love these. She'd run off branding everything. She's at that want-to-be-cool pre tween stage.

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