Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Golden Moon Tea -Coconut Pouchong- Review

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Coconut Pouchong
Awarded Best Tea at the 2007 World Tea Expo

I recently had the opportunity to try Coconut Pouchong by Golden Moon Tea. I wasn't quite sure what Pouchong even was before trying this tea. Honestly, I had to google it to find out. What I found is that it is a very lightly oxidized tea somewhere between green tea and what is usually considered oolong tea. I must tell you that it is Really Really good!

As I was opening the tin of Coconut Pouchong, I was immediately enveloped in the rich sweet smell of coconut. The large, fresh, green leaves were in perfect condition no broken leaves or tips at all. The aroma while brewing was even more amazing, but nothing compared to the taste of the tea itself.

Golden Moon Tea managed to find the perfect balance between the tea and coconut. The green tea in this blend was very mellow yet.. not overshadowed by the sweet taste of coconut. The natural coconut flavor of coconut milk gives it an elegant, sweet, decadent punch of flavor.

Product description from Golden Moon Tea

There's mystery to the art of finding and freeing the floral aroma and rich flavor of a pouchong tea. But the reasons Golden Moon's Coconut Pouchong is noticeably better than others are pretty simple. For one, we use the highest grade teas for the base for this flavored blend – large, deep green loose leaves – where normally leaves of such quality wouldn't used. This makes a difference. And we derive our deep, natural coconut flavor from real coconut milk, instead of the artificial flavoring employed by most other blends.The difference is real, present and unmistakable, and its why our Coconut Pouchong won "Best Tea" at the 2007 World Tea Expo.

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Janine - My Kids Are Fun said...

Great review, it sounds delish!

Visiting from My Kids Are Fun!

ShesAnAngel said...

Wow this coconut tea sounds amazing, I will be trying it myself as soon as I get my hands on some, I love coconut everything and I have never heard of tea!

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