Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 Cheap Valentine's Day Dates

Thursday, February 11, 2010
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Dating when money is tight can be challenging especially on Valentine's day. You do not want to look like a cheapskate but Valentine's Day shouldn't be about what you spend. It is about showing your partner how much you care.

Here are 5 traditional ideas to get you started...

1. Movie night: Rent a couple romantic movies, grab some of your honey's favorite movie theater goodies (Twizzlers, Raisinets,Milk duds etc.) Pop some popcorn and enjoy the show. If you have a Redbox in your area you can rent a movie for a dollar or check online to get free Redbox codes. If you would rather go out to watch a movie why not check to see if there is a drive-in in your area. The admission is cheaper and you can bring in your own snacks and beverages to save even more money. To check if there is a drive-in in your area click here.

2. Play a game together : Maybe one of your favorite board games growing up or A treasure hunt- Hide clues around the house and let your partner play until he or she finds their Valentine’s gift. 

3. Have a indoor picnic: Spread out a blanket and turn off the phone and T.V etc. and just enjoy some time together without all the modern distractions.

4. A Homemade Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day: Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show your true feelings with a romantic date. If you both love to cook try something new together, or make his or hers favorite meal. Put on a nice tablecloth, candles, pop open an inexpensive bottle of wine and set some mood setting music.
5. Create a spa-at-home: Start with a nice foot rub, and then work up to a full body massage. After the massage slip into a candlelight bubble bath together. Taking turns in washing each other's bodies and hair.

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JoeyRes said...

That reminds me - my daughter has requested a Treasure Hunt for her Valentine's Day treat. I have to get to work on those clues!

Sprinces Dreamweaver Sculpts said...

Such great ideas..very creative!

ladcraig said...

We are going to have a movie night this weekend. I enjoy staying @ home.

Tamara B. said...

I love the move night idea and if you have a RedBox you can rent a movie for a dollar.

sweetpea08 said...

Love the ideas! We've made a romantic dinner at home and played board games before...and we had a great time!

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