Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Keeping nice and toasty with Golden Moon Tea- Kashmiri Chai Tea Review.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Over the the last few months, I have had the great opportunity to review several Golden Moon Tea products. Each Tea I have received has been of the highest quality and the flavor combination extraordinary. The latest tea I had the pleasure of sampling was Kashmiri Chai and I have to say it is one of the best tasting teas that has ever graced my palette. It ranks very high on my list of favorites right up there with Coconut Pouchong.

 "Kashmiri Chai is an exotic, spiced loose leaf tea from the Himalayas of Northern India. Aromatic and warming, natives of India often comment that the authentic and delicious recipe reminds them of home. Serve with cream and honey for a rich treat."

Golden Moon Tea's  Kashmiri Chai tea blend is very well balanced;  All of the flavors come through without completely overpowering the black and green tea base. This unique tea base has a smooth, rich flavor; when paired with the whole cardamom seeds, cloves, spice oil and cinnamon the end product is ideal for a pleasurable and unique tasting experience.

Whether you plan to drink it warm or cold, with or without milk the mixture of flavors gives you a nice warm cozy feeling. Which is great especially in these cold winter months.

Golden Moon Tea- Kashmiri Chai is available in the  following sizes....
Sample $0.99, 4.0oz Tin $13.99, 1/2 lb Bulk Bag $17.59 and in 1 lb Bulk for $31.99 and can be purchased at

Disclosure: Golden Moon Tea  provided me with  free product to review, I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product. Furthermore, the experiences/ opinions  posted above are that of my own, your experience with this product my vary.

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