Friday, May 9, 2014

Easy and free way to earn Amazon gift cards

Friday, May 9, 2014

 Complete offers, Earn Points, Redeem for free gift cards!
With InstaGC

InstaGC is a reward site that is 100% free and allows you to earn rewards by completing various activities. offers, and tasks, such as taking a survey or watching videos.   Each point is equivalent to a penny, for example a 25 point offer would be worth a quarter etc. Once you collect 100 points, you then can exchange your points for a $1 gifts card and so forthThere are many gift cards to your chose from, cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay, Gamestop, plus many smaller online shops, or you can always request a check.

Completing offers: InstaGC offers many ways to earn points by completing offers, which we will go over in a few minutes, but theres a few tips that you need to know first.

  • Use 100% real information- Not doing so can result in getting your account banned
  • Do not use your personal email- instead sign up for a free email address. 
  • Change email addresses frequently- some advertisers will not pay for an email address that has already completed another offer.
  • Take your time and don’t rush through an offer.
  • Leave the page open for a few minutes after finishing or until it credits- Sometimes they take a while to credit.

Offer types: As I stated a few moments ago, there are several different type of offers, you’ll find them listed below. 

  • CPC’s-  Visit a webpage for a few seconds to get an easy point.
  • Video- Use the Watch video link on the homepage/sidebar to see which walls have available videos to watch.
  • Radio- Radio Loyalty, enter a capcha every 10 minutes for 1 point.
  • Downloads- Refer to the download guide on the InstaGC website for information on how to protect your computer, and for tips on getting them to credit.
  • Sign-ups- Many offers only require you to fill out your information, submit and confirm email for credit.
  • Trials- Many trials require a CC card, sign up and register a prepaid card with limited funds in order to protect your bank account/credit card. Make sure to read each individual offer as terms vary.
  • Surveys- Surveys can be a great way to earn a decent chunk of points. They are usually worth more than the other types of offers, but are hit and miss when it comes to crediting. You have to go into them expecting them to not credit but praying to the survey gods that they do.

Completing tasks

Completing tasks can be a fun way to earn a few extra points, they require some work but are (in my opinion) the most reliable when it comes to payout. A lot of people enjoy them because the normally don't ask you for personal information. There are currently three walls that offer tasks, Crowdflower, InstaGC and Matomy, these can be found under the heading complete tasks on the sidebar.

  • Crowdflower- Crowdflower usually has many types of tasks available at a time ranging from very simple, to extremely difficult. They provide you with a set of instructions after clicking on the task listing. Complete each task by carefully following directions to get points, you never know when they will throw in a test question to make sure you are following directions, Fail too many and you’ll be expelled from that task. 

  • InstaGC-  The InstaGC wall often offers a few easy tasks, such as writing a blog post, inviting friends, sharing a reward redemption post on social media etc. These task usually take a little while to credit. This is because they are confirming that you followed directions before crediting your account.

  • Montomy- The Matomy wall occasionally offers tasks through the Crowdflower website. These are usually different from the Crowdflower wall itself. 

To Be continued....
If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me.

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