Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Grateful Body Skin Care Review

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Since 1998, Grateful Body's mission has been to bring you 100% natural skin care that is nourishing, effective and luxurious while supporting the health of your skin, your body, and your planet."

I recently had the opportunity to review Grateful Body's Custom Blends Cleanser, Aquative and Moisturizer.

"All Grateful Body Custom Blends are 100% pure & natural. They are powerfully vital, each Booster is full of rare and well-known botanicals for the health & beauty of your skin."

Facial Cleanser

"Why "boost" your cleanser? As you massage your skin while washing, your customized cleanser can be doing double duty! After selecting which of the three "Pure & Simple" Cleanser Bases suits you best, simply choose up to 2 Cleanser Boosters - you'll be creating a special formula that nourishes and supports your complexion as it cleanses. They then mix your Custom Cleanser according to your specific "recipe."

• Anti-Bacterial (for acne breakouts and congested skin)
• Skin Detox (detoxification support for difficult and distressing skin problems)
• Skin Fitness (a daily nutrient supplement for maintaining healthy skin)
• Seriously Sensitive I (healing and balancing for very sensitive skin)

Additionally, you can leave your cleanser "unscented" or add one of 4 exquisite pure-essential-oil blends. (Helios, Mamai, Yemanja, or the current Limited Edition blend.)

Aquative™ Treatment


"The Aquative is a revolutionary, rapid-absorption, cellular nutrient delivery system."

"• The Aquative weightlessly infuses the skin with advanced aqueous blends of trace minerals and

phytochemicals for optimum skin health.

• When the Aquative is further potentized with a variety of powerfully Therapeutic Boosters, it

becomes a uniquely targeted medicinal therapy to treat highly specific skin conditions.

• The 'Pure and Simple' Aquative is what we call the Aquative before it is custom boosted.

The Pure and Simple AQUATIVE™

The Pure & Simple Aquative™ is a universal supplement for all skin types to enhance cell hydration and firm the complexion by encouraging the skin membranes to tighten and interweave. It delivers all these benefits in a formula that is perfectly gentle and healing for even the most sensitive skin. (Unscented)"

"The "Pure & Simple" Aquative is an advanced aqueous blend of trace minerals and phytochemicals which is applied by misting or patting into the skin. To enhance the healing power of the Aquative, they can blend in up to 4 of the following Aquative Boosters:"

• Acne/Rx (for blemish-prone skin)
• Adaptogenic (to energize & support circulation)
• Anti-Glycation (to counterbalance the effects of eating sugar)
• Collagen Matrix (to stimulate natural collagen synthesis and foster younger-looking skin)
• Hormone Balance (to minimize the effects of hormone fluctuations)
• Hyperpigmentation (for skin discoloration)
• Juliette Levy (for general health and beauty of the skin)
• Probiotic Health (a "dietary supplement" for all skin types)
• Seriously Sensitive II (to strengthen sensitive skin over time)

Facial Moisturizer

You select your desired hydration level, based on whether your skin feels generally dry, normal, or oily. Then you Choose up to 3 of the following Moisturizer Boosters:

• Antioxidant Defense (to protect your complexion from environmental and internal stressors)
• Graceful Aging (to firm, smooth, and revitalize - now and for the future)
• Rosacea/Redness (to minimize flushing & irritation)
• Seriously Sensitive III (to strengthen and protect very sensitive skin)
• Sun Sense (helps assimilate solar benefits while reducing damage potential -- this is not a sunscreen)
• Ultra-Rich Hydration (intensive moisturization for very dry skin)
• Veins/Rx (for broken capillaries or "spider veins")

Your moisturizer can remain unscented or be enhanced with one of 4 completely natural scents. To experience the sublime mood-enhancing and skin health benefits of truly pure essential oils, choose Ondine, Noe Lani, Cara, or our current Limited Edition blend.

My Review

I have been exclusively using these products over the last month, when I first started using them I experienced a major reaction. I'm not sure if it was directly caused by the products or not but it was not pretty... but after using them for about a week and a half my skin was showing major improvements in clarity and texture. I can not remember a time that my face has felt as soft as it is right now... I am very happy with the results!

My favorite product is the moisturizer, my skin gets very dry in the winter and I have to cake on the moisturizer. Not with this product tho, you only need a very small amount and it is very light,absorbs quickly and completely. I can wear it alone or under make-up and not feel like I am wearing a mask.

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